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Root Canal Specialty Associates Celebrates 50 Years of Saving Teeth 

Our reputation is officially golden. 

Livonia, Michigan, September 17, 2018 – Founded in 1968, Root Canal Specialty Associates (RCSA) proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year. RCSA is one of the largest endodontic specialty practices in the state with four offices in Southeast Michigan. The practice began with a partnership between two classmates and has steadily grown into a team of 10 endodontists and 38 staff members. As a mature practice, RCSA continues to innovate in their clinical approach to relieve pain and save teeth. This year RCSA is proud to announce they are the first endodontic practice in Michigan to adopt a new technology which helps them to more thoroughly clean the root canal system and better maintain the integrity of a patient’s tooth: the GentleWave® System by Sonendo. The GentleWave System is the very latest and most innovative technology in the field of endodontics. To inform the local dental community about this technology, RCSA will lead a continuing education seminar for referring dentists at Schoolcraft College / VisTaTech Center on October 3, 2018. For more information, contact Kim Middlekauff at 734-261-7800 or

“We are thrilled to offer the GentleWave system to patients in all four of our locations and to educate our community about this technology,” said Dr. Robert Coleman, President of RCSA. “It uses a procedure instrument that delivers sound waves within the root canal system in conjunction with continuous irrigation. This results in a more thorough cleaning and disinfection of the most complicated root canal anatomy.” While Root Canal Specialty Associates is the first endodontic practice in Michigan to offer this technology, the GentleWave system has already been used with great success in well over 100,000 cases and by hundreds of practitioners throughout the country.

Clinical and technological innovations adopted by Root Canal Specialty Associates over the years have differentiated them from other endodontic groups in the state. These advancements have allowed RCSA to treat patients with urgent problems in an extremely timely and efficient manner and to achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients.

In addition to GentleWave, RCSA offers Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) at all locations – a 3-dimensional imaging technology that makes it possible to visualize teeth, anatomical structures and areas of the mouth with more precision. CBCT assists RCSA doctors make better diagnoses and treatment decisions for their patients. In addition to helping prevent tooth loss by identifying treatable endodontic conditions, CBCT technology also helps avoid costly exploratory procedures and unpredictable treatments.

After 50 years, Root Canal Specialty Associates is one of the most experienced endodontic practices in Michigan. Trained at top endodontic programs across the country—and with over 170 years of combined experience—RCSA endodontists deliver superb clinical results. Even as RCSA has grown, their vision has remained the same — to relieve pain, save teeth and provide patients with optimal, quality care.


Root Canal Specialty Associates is dedicated to advancing the specialty of endodontics through teaching and staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. We approach endodontics from every angle, setting trends that create lasting results and build strong patient experiences. RCSA is committed to delivering prompt attention to referrers and patients, giving them the respect and care that they deserve. RCSA is one of the largest endodontic specialty practices in Michigan, with offices in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Livonia, and West Bloomfield.


Patients are raving about their experiences with RCSA.