Regenerative Treatment

Regenerative endodontic treatment is an innovative approach for treating infected immature teeth. It utilizes tissue engineering to allow for better long-term prognosis for the tooth. The goal is to stimulate the body’s natural cells to widen and lengthen immature roots.


Apexogenesis is a procedure where vital tissue within the tooth is maintained to facilitate continued development of the immature root. A portion of inflamed pulp is removed and filled with a bioceramic material that maintains vitality in the roots. Healthy tissue then allows for continued root development. When root development is complete, a traditional root […]


Apexification is a procedure used to stimulate root development or closing of the root end (i.e., open apex). An open apex is often found in teeth that are not fully developed (“immature”) or whose roots have been eroded away by a process known as resorption. This complicates root canal therapy by making it difficult to […]