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Conventional endodontic treatment with surgical repair of external resorptive defect.

Tooth #30


Patient in good health. Chief complaint of lingering pain to cold and tenderness to palpation over the buccal of #30. Examination revealed #30 to have a symptomatic irreversible pulpitis with external resorption on the mesiobuccal root.


A 6mm pocket was present over the mesiobuccal root in the area of the resorption. The subgingival extent of the resorptive defect will require periapical surgery to repair.


Due to the irreversible pulpitis, root canal therapy was completed and the tooth was restored with a bonded core. Flap surgery was completed at a follow-up visit, during which the area was exposed and the defect was cleaned of all resorptive tissue. The defect was repaired with Geristore to allow for gingival reattachment and the area healed uneventfully. The periodontal defect resolved leaving a 3mm probing depth.

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