Highly curved tooth with great results.
Complex internal resorption – the tooth was vital and asymptomatic.
Large external resorptive defect, involving the pulp with apical lesion and bony fenestration.
Mesial root with deep split into two canals.
Trauma case in which no treatment was conducted.
Non-surgical root canal treatment and surgical resorption repair.
completion image of root canal retreatment
Maxillary first molar with incomplete root canal and separated instrument.
Mandibular molar with dilacerated root and canal exiting short of apex.
Maxillary bicuspid with three canals.
Maxillary lateral incisor with dens in dente.
Mandibular molar with severely dilacerated root.
Mandibular bicuspid with two canals.
Maxillary lateral incisor with a second root.
Mandibular molar with separated instrument.
Mandibular molar with dilacerated root and additional portal of exit.
Mandibular molar with canal anastomosis.
Mandibular molar with canal anastomosis and multiple portals of exit.
Mandibular bicuspid with aberrant anatomy.
Mandibular molar with “C” shaped canal.
Pulpal infection root resorption (external): Arrested external resorption.
Conventional endodontic treatment including calcium hydroxide therapy.
Orthodontic pressure/impacted tooth pressure resorption.
Conventional endodontic treatment with internal repair of resorptive defect.
Conventional endodontic treatment with surgical repair of external resorptive defect.