GentleWave® by Sonendo

GentleWave® System by Sonendo, is a new technology which helps us to more thoroughly clean the root canal system and better maintain the integrity of your tooth.
What to expect
  • GentleWave® treatment may provide quicker healing and less post-operative discomfort
  • Root canals utilizing GentleWave® can frequently be performed in a single visit
  • GentleWave® procedures often allow the preservation of tooth structure making teeth less prone to fracture
  • The GentleWave® system is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system there may be less chance of failure over time
  • There is a nominal out-of-pocket cost to cover specialized GentleWave® procedure instruments and supplies
  • Our endodontists will carefully evaluate your tooth and determine an optimal treatment plan – not all teeth are good candidates for GentleWave®
How it works
The GentleWave® System uses a procedure instrument that delivers sound waves within the root canal system in conjunction with continuous irrigation. This results in a more thorough cleaning and disinfection of the most complicated root canal anatomy. This also allows us to conserve more tooth structure and better maintain the integrity of your tooth.
Fluids are delivered into the tooth using acoustic energy that travels through the root canal system, propelling fluids into hard-to-reach spaces, resulting in maximum cleaning.

See the GentleWave® difference in action and discover the potential outcomes of standard root canal treatment vs. the GentleWave® treatment.
Our Experience
In May 2018, Root Canal Specialty Associates was the first endodontic practice in Michigan to adopt the GentleWave® System by Sonendo. This technology has already been used with great success in well over 450,000 cases and by hundreds of practitioners throughout the country, and over 2,500 cases across our four locations alone.
Interested in seeing treatment cases using the GentleWave® Procedure?
For more information about GentleWave® call us at (734) 261-7800 or send us an email.

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