It's more than root canals — we provide care in all phases of surgical and non-surgical endodontics.

If your tooth has been completely knocked out, contact us immediately as we are specifically trained to treat this kind of problem. Optimal results can be achieved by repositioning the tooth in the socket in its proper position as soon as possible. The sooner treatment is done, the better the chances are for success. If you can’t make it to our office, try to replace the tooth in the socket (see below).

Pre-op Instructions
  • Try to replace the tooth in the socket if you can’t make it to our office.
  • If the tooth is contaminated, rinse with water before replanting. Immediate replantation is crucial to future success.
  • If you cannot replant the tooth, place it into one of the following, in order of preference:
    • Hanks Balanced Salt Solution (Available in drug stores or in replantation first aid kits)
    • Milk
    • Saline
    • Saliva (in your mouth between your gum and cheek)
    • Moist towel or cloth
    • If none of the above is readily available, use water
  • A primary (baby) tooth should NOT be replanted.
Post-op Instructions
A stabilizing splint will be placed for a few weeks. A medication may be placed inside the tooth followed by a permanent root canal filling at a later date.
Are you interested in learning more about teeth that have been knocked out? This reference from the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) is a great starting point.