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Improving Patient Care Communication

Treatment Reports Are Going Digital!

While we’ve always strived to promote the prompt transfer of patient information, we’re now adopting a more efficient way to communicate relevant details and findings of your patient’s visit to our practice. Starting October 18, Treatment Reports will arrive via email.

What to Look For

Treatment Reports will appear in your inbox from the following sender and subject line:

  • From: <location>@rootcanaldocs.com (ie., aa@, brighton@, livonia@, wb@)
  • Subject: <Patient’s First and Last Name>

What You'll Need to Do

To ensure our emails reach your inbox, please add our email address to your Contacts.
Emails are sent securely, so if you have not created a login for our secure communications, you will need to do so. Instructions for login creation will be included in your first email.


If you prefer to continue receiving mailed Treatment Reports, please call Rachel at (734) 261-7800 or email us at info@rootcanaldocs.com and we will indicate the preference in your file.

If you’re having problems opening your digital Treatment Reports, please call us at (734) 261-7800.