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Saving Teeth, Saving Vacations, and Saving the Day

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Each May we celebrate the importance of saving natural teeth with the help of the AAE. Promptly treating someone with an endodontic condition doesn't only save teeth. It can save an upcoming vacation, it can save patients from pain, and it can save the day.

Saving Teeth

“I drove an hour to the Ann Arbor office…. I immediately noticed a busy front desk and was SO impressed how they were working together w/patients and a busy telephone! Between the two dental assistants and the doctor, I got scanned, X-rayed and explained to every detail of what I called an “unusual” situation w/my tooth. It was a tedious process to try and save my tooth and I can only say, they were at the “top of their game”! With the skills of the doctor and his staff, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to service my dental needs. I highly recommend them and will go back If I ever need to!”

– L.W.D. via Facebook, Ann Arbor

“Everyone who works in this office have to be the nicest people on the planet. Doctor and his assistants are thorough in explaining every detail of what was to be done and the follow-up, just to save one tooth! And believe me, it is worth saving every tooth you can! I highly recommend this office if you need a root canal!”

– D.L. via Google, Brighton

Saving Vacations

“I was in a bad situation because I was having tooth pain and some swelling. I needed a root canal done and everywhere my dentist looked they were booked. I was leaving the country for vacation in a week. Root Canal Specialty in Brighton stepped up and wedged me in as an emergency slot for the next day. I have had quite a few root canals in the past, unfortunately, but they performed mine efficiently, seamlessly and, best of all, painlessly. I can't thank the whole team at Root Canal Speciality at Brighton enough. Everyone there was so nice and professional… The team not only saved me from bad tooth pain but also my vacation next week!! If you need a root canal this is the place! Thank you team Root Canal Speciality in Brighton!!!”

– F.F. via Google, Brighton

"I’ve been to Root Canal Specialty Associates for a few procedures in the past. Most recently they were able to work me in on an emergency basis the day prior to leaving on vacation. What was a worst case scenario for me, they made as great as possible. I opted to have a root canal done and they took care of it right then. The care and precision left me with nothing more than a dull ache for a couple of days and the peace of mind to enjoy my vacation. If you find yourself in need of endodontic treatment, I’d recommend Root Canal Specialty Associates."

– D.S., via Google, Brighton

Saving the Day

“Doctor and staff were top notch with treating my 10 year old after a basketball injury. He was so comfortable after meeting everyone and they all were able to calm his nerves. The office came highly recommended and we can see why : )”

– R.K. via Google, West Bloomfield

“Everyone was so nice. I was a nervous wreck and they were so helpful. Everything was good and made my day! 🥰”

– T.B. via Google, Livonia

“I had a horrible head cold, and during one of my coughing fits, I bit down so hard we think I traumatized the root of a tooth. My dentist set me up with Root Canal Specialty Assocs, on a Monday morning (tooth injury happened over the weekend). RCSA took me in, evaluated my tooth, and performed the root canal that day. I was fully numbed for the procedure, so I didn't feel a thing... and I used pain meds that night, but forgot to take them in the morning (because, no pain!). They handled my emergency root canal and relieved my pain so quickly. Thank you RCSA!!”

J.A.K. via Google, West Bloomfield

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